Meet the Gibbon's

Meet the Gibbon's

Introducing our 2017-18 Active Family - The Gibbons.

Meet The Parents….Jackie - Age 40 & Steven - Age 46 

What are your hobbies? Both - Walking in nearby forest with our dog, being a taxi driver to our kid’s activities and having as many family days/activity out as we can fit in, such as visiting local attractions, parks, zoos and safari parks, aquariums, theme parks, concerts, theatre, cinema and museums. Jackie – Going to dancercise classes, Zumba & Aquaerobics. Steven – camping, exploring, cooking, watching football & DIY.

What do you like to do on holiday? Relax, eat nice food, walk, enjoy scenery/new surroundings, hire boats or go on boat trips.

Do you have any other holiday plans for 2018? We have been to Salou, Majorca and Disneyland Paris, as well as a couple of theme park breaks in the UK in 2017 but so far have only planned to have our Argyll Holidays in 2018.

How many times a year do you all go on holiday? Usually one main holiday of 1-2 weeks, plus a few UK weekend breaks such as theme park breaks whenever our work and school schedules allow.

What’s the most active thing you have done, either individually or as a family? Steven – Ran a half marathon. Jackie – Swam with dolphins in Malta.

What excites you most about your holidays in Argyll? Steven – Seeing the kids having fun, trying new activities and anything involving being on the water or in boats, oh and the beer tasting at Fyne Ales, of course. Jackie – trying out the different accommodation types, spending time as a family, doing activities and visiting new places.  Really just excited about the whole Argyll Holidays experience and so happy and grateful to have won such an exciting and amazing prize.

Have you been on holiday with us before? No

Is there any activity you would like to do most?  Or any you wouldn’t like? Steven – loves being in a boat so any boating activity would be what he would like most.  He is not a big fan of heights, so TreeZone would not be his thing. Jackie – also likes boats but will most enjoy activities with animals such as the Sea Life Centre, horse riding and the Birds of Prey.


And the kids…

Demi-Lee - Age 14 & Jamie - Age 5

What are your hobbies? Demi-Lee – DANCING!! Both in a school dance team and with dance school Dance Ecosse - disco, rock & roll, contemporary and freestyle. Jamie – Swimming, building with Lego, playing with army toys, visiting play parks and has just learned how to ride his bike without stabilisers!

What do you like to do on holiday? Demi – Swim, relax, Snapchat & Instagram message friends. Jamie – go to playparks, theme parks, go on boats and swim.

Have you been on holiday with us before? No

What excites you most about your holiday with Argyll Holidays? Demi – the hot tub, horse riding. Jamie – Archery, the Birds of Prey and the Sea Life Centre

Is there any activity you would like to do most?  Or any you wouldn’t like? Demi-Lee – would like to do TreeZone, horse riding, aeroball and any water activities. Jamie – would love to try Archery, pony rides, and going on different boats. All of it! 

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