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Welcome to the first addition of: Argyll Holiday’s Outdoor Activities Guide

As promised, we have been busy locating the best walks in the local area to make your walking holiday in Scotland one to remember. This blog is the start of our exclusive Outdoor Activities Guide, featuring everything you need to start exploring Argyll. Our Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village is located merely half an hour from Inveraray Castle, ancestral home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell. Inveraray is easily one of the most iconic castles in Scotland, with the surrounding area of the Argyll Estate offering an extensive selection of stunning scenery alongside many walking opportunities, as well as a great traditional tearoom and castle gift shop if you fancy taking a break!

The walks and avenues of the Argyll Estate date back to the mid 17th century Acts of the Scottish Parliament during which period landowners were encouraged to plant trees and manage their woodlands. The vista at Inveraray today owes much to the work of 8th and 9th Earls who vigorously pursued these Acts. Follies and picturesque buildings have been added by successive generations creating grand views and magnificent scenes for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike. There are multiple walking routes around the estate that we are big fans of but one of our particular favourites is the Dun Na Cuiache Woodland Walk.

The walk begins through the Castle car park, follows over a bridge and ends at a stunning tower with a spectacular view. The ruined buildings featured along the way are the remains of a lime kiln. To build a kiln, quarried limestone was brought to the site where it was lined with dry wood and filled with alternate layers of coal and limestone. A fire was then built at the base which gradually ‘burnt’ the lime. Once it had cooled down, the powdered lime would be removed from the bottom and stored in the adjoining shed. The kiln is believed to have last been used in 1912 - don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to see it!

To make your route as enjoyable and stress free as possible, we have produced the attached PDF featuring an exclusive map and walking instructions. Using this handy feature, you can plan your route whilst making sure you don’t miss any points along the way. We suggest you download, print or share this feature with friends via Facebook, Twitter etc., or any other way you wish!
The walk is only 1.5 miles long but is relatively steep so make sure you wear walking boots!

Enjoy your walking holiday in Scotland and if in doubt, consult the map!

A Map of a woodland walk in Argyll

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