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Here at Argyll Holidays, we are passionate about protecting the environment and take pride in sustaining what is around us. In recent years, we have been awarded the David Bellamy award, a prize devoted to areas actively looking to protect and enhance Britain’s natural environment. Our commitment has led to this achievement at six of our parks. With both the environment and holidaymakers in mind, we apply the following statement to everything we do:

‘We aim to enhance and sustain the natural heritage and biodiversity for visitors to our holiday parks through a process of positive management’

This positive management has led to a vast array of changes at the park, which we are constantly adding to and improving. We have been passionate about championing renewable energy since 1986, which saw the installation of a small scale hydro scheme at Lochgoilhead. During Summer 2011, we worked together with HWEnergy on two projects, targeting the users of Oil and LPG fuel within our sites. This saw the installation of a high specification Froeling 320kw biomass boiler at both Hunters Quay and Drimsynie Estate Holiday Villages. The first project, centred around Hunters Quay in Dunoon, provides heating to the large swimming pool, reception area, bar, restaurant and entertainment centre. The second, based at Drimsynie Castle in Lochgoilhead, provides heating to the castle, hotel, entertainment and leisure facilities. The boilers are supplied locally and replaced oil-fired boilers, giving a 40% saving on heating costs and CO2 Saving of 200 tonnes per annum. We are very happy with the results.

The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are one of Britain and Europe’s last wildernesses, meaning we have a responsibility to help preserve it for many more generations to come - a job we don't take lightly! Everything from our walking groups, which are small to minimize negative impact whilst increasing chances of seeing wildlife, to our on-site facilities, reflect this. Low energy lighting has been installed throughout all of our parks, reducing our CO2 contribution by 360,000 kg per annum and saving approximately 80% on our lighting costs, proving small changes can really make a difference. An introduction of a new system for our cleaning chemicals has reduced our packaging and chemical use within our housekeeping department by 80% - another small change with a big impact!

If you would like to find out more about these issues or have a suggestion, feel free to contact us - we are always interested in hearing new ways to help sustain our site, and also love hearing feedback!

Best Wishes,

Argyll Holidays



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