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Wednesday 22nd February saw Hunters Quay Holiday Village hosting a biomass heat demonstration day. Highland Wood energy, in partnership with Argyll Holidays, showcased the multiple benefits that biomass heating can bring to a business.

The purpose of the event was to show other businesses, charities and regional council representatives how Biomass heating works on the ground and how it has worked so well for Argyll Holidays,  in terms of cost savings of 40% in heating and a reduction in CO² of 200 tonnes per annum.

The day started off with a warm welcome and refreshments in the Entertainment Lounge at Hunters Quay, followed by a very interesting presentation by Highland Wood Energy’s staff on the advantages of biomass to businesses, key decision making and business case analysis. A question and answer session highlighted the positive benefits of biomass and clarified questions about fuel supply. HWE gave attendees an overview of the projects undertaken at Hunters Quay and Drimsynie, explaining that they had installed 2 high spec 320kw biomass boilers and gave an explanation on how they ‘fed’ the heat to the various buildings through a network of pipes from the boilers.

Allan Campbell, Director at Argyll Holidays, gave a presentation on how the company became interested in biomass and the positive working partnership that has grown between Highland Wood Energy and Argyll Holidays. He also mentioned that they are currently planning to implement biomass fuel at the Head Office and Staff Accommodation at Drimsynie Estate.

A delivery of fuel was scheduled to arrive just before lunch and everyone went out to view the boiler-house and the underground fuel store where the delivery of wood chips was tipped from an enclosed trailer.Lunch gave guests an opportunity to network and ask both organisations more in-depth questions about the process of changing to biomass heating from beginning to end.  The audience went away from Hunters Quay more confident about the benefits that Biomass would have on their business.

Jackie McBurneyEnvironmental Co-ordinator, Argyll Holidays

For further information on Biomass Fuel please visit the Highland Wood Energy Website.

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