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Is your holiday home ready for winter?

We would like to take this opportunity to remind Holiday Home Owners that winter is fast approaching along with the risk of frost damage if your holiday home has not been properly drained down.

Most insurance companies won’t cover damage brought on by frost in holiday homes and like all park operators, insurance companies advise that holiday homes be drained down during the months of November-March.

The domestic hot & cold water systems in Holiday Homes must be drained down, water heaters need drain plugs removed, and we advise that combi boilers must have their gas and power supplies left on for their frost stats to operate properly. Antifreeze in central heating systems should be at a minimum of 25%. Shower mixer valves and toilet systems need protected.

We’re here to help with many different options available

We offer a FREE antifreeze test for Central Heating systems. Available on request, by contacting your Park Managers.

Many options available 

Frost damage can be easily avoided by perusing one of the following options.

• Our Winter Packages come in Gold, Silver and Bronze. These offer and include drain down services and gas safety check, exterior checks and exterior cleaning. A full list of packages content is available upon request and displayed in Park Offices.

• Alternatively we offer a drain down service for your holiday home, the cost of this is £45.00 plus vat. This covers both a full drain down service in November and drain up service in March. If you choose to use you Holiday Home at any time over this period, and required it to be drained up, subsequently you would have to contact your park manger and further charges could be incurred. 

• If you wish to use your holiday home during the winter months, and would like to be shown the drain down procedure for your Holiday Home please contact your park manager, either in person or by phoning the relative office number. We will then arrange a suitable date for a park manager to meet you at your Holiday Home to guide you through the drain down procedure.

We recommend you book your chosen option by the 31st of October in order to ensure your Holiday Home is drained down in plenty of time as; if frost has occurred at any time prior to drain down or Winter packages being booked then no guarantee can be authorised.

Don't hesitate to ask for any help or advice. Our parks remain open on the weekends all year round and we look forward to welcoming you over the crisp fresh days that lie ahead. However please bear in mind our site licence does not permit occupancy, from midday Monday to midday Friday during November and February these two months are for weekends only. We therefore ask that you refrain from using your Holiday Home during these times 



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