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holiday homes for sale in scotland

Easy access to some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

Sick of the constant city hustle and bustle? Long for idyllic views to gaze upon? This dream isn’t far from being a reality with Argyll Holidays! Whether you enjoy a more active lifestyle and get a buzz from outdoor activities, or you simply want to surround yourself with beauty to relax and unwind, it’s not as unattainable as you may think.

Planned and impromptu family time

Sometimes the more important things in life unfortunately have to be placed on the back-burner, but it’s time to bring them to the forefront again. Spending time with our loved ones is something to cherish, and we must strive to do so as often as possible. Having a holiday home means you’ll have even more reason to plan regular time with your nearest and dearest, whilst making unforgettable memories to last a lifetime.

Receive special benefits

FREE STUFF. Yep, you heard! Free access to our gym, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi! With our Owner’s card you’ll also receive plenty of discounts with local companies, as well as onsite discounts in our fabulous restaurants and on our Go Active activities, making your getaways even cheaper.  Plus, we regularly hold exclusive owners events during the year!

Entertainment on tap

One of the reasons so many people love holidaying with us has to be the exciting entertainment we have for all age groups. Parents and Guardians fret not; Rusty’s Indoor Funhouse will keep your little ones out of trouble for hours! It’s is fully equipped with a climbing frame, swings, air hockey, pool tables, video games and even a toddler ball pit play area. Open from 10am to 10pm daily, this may actually be your saviour!Don’t worry though, we’ve not forgotten about you adults… How about enjoying some live music? There’s plenty to keep everyone occupied, why not check out our other activities available?

A less stressful life, guaranteed.

Leave your troubles behind! If work worries are getting you down, then having a place to get away to at a last minute’s notice will be your saving grace. It’s the perfect place to clear your head and recharge your batteries, so work life doesn’t seem as all-encompassing. Remember the saying ‘Work to live, not live to work?’ Yes, that. Of course having an abundance of activities at your fingertips is a surefire way decrease your stress levels too... especially when it comes to keeping the family happy! So, when choosing where to buy a holiday home, this is definitely something worth bearing in mind.

Enjoy more freedom

Had a busy month? Need a short break to reset? Pop along to your holiday hub in Argyll! Flexibility is one of the most attractive features that comes with owning a holiday home… We’re open all year round, so you can squeeze in as many breaks in between the slog of working life as possible. Sound good? We thought so!


Peace of mind

No issue is too big, or too small. Your happiness is extremely important to us, and customer care doesn’t end once you’ve bought your holiday home. Our dedicated team are here to ensure anything from the purchase process of your holiday home, to the getaways you spend in Argyll for years to come, all run smoothly... and a smile is kept firmly on your face.

If you’re sat at your desk reading this (it’s okay, we won’t tell!) make sure you bookmark our Buyer’s Guide for a good read later when you get home. Ready to talk to someone about the next step? We’d love to hear from you!

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