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You've been telling us what makes Autumn so awesome for you, here are some of our favourite reasons...

Susie Meechan All the colours and scents, morning mists and long walks, fresh air, and having a nice warm and cosy place to return to.

Claire Bamford Walking the circular route at Drimsynie at dawn with my dog, standing at the viewpoint looking down the loch with not another soul about - bliss!

Tracy Dawid Relaxing in the hot tub at Loch Lomond, watching the world go by.

May Couper Walking through the leaves with the grandchildren, looking at their wee faces - so exciting!

Kirsty Howell Crisp misty mornings, big knitted jumpers and drinking hot chocolate, fireworks and Halloween.

Nikki McGill The hint of winter around the corner… cosy nights with a log fire and the ones we love....

Christine Anderson Running through a big pile of leaves and kicking them everywhere!

Katie Bullock Crunchy leaves underfoot and the smell of wood burners.

Lorna Collins The changing colours of the trees - nature paints a beautiful picture.

May McMillan  Love the colours on the trees sitting in our wee van at Drimsynie listening to the wind and rain when we're nice and cosy inside. 

Michelle Murren Autumn is the best time of year, there's conkers, Halloween, cosy nights in with the kids watching movies, you can light your fire again and Xmas is just around the corner.

Claire Campbell The leaves changing colour and becoming crunchy underfoot. Snuggly nights on the couch with the family. Candles burning in the background makes the place seem so cosy.

Annice Brown All the different colours of leaves on the trees and when they drop off crunching under your feet, you know Christmas is coming, and seeing my grandsons getting excited!!!

Fiona Craig McIntosh Love all the beautiful colours of trees when me and my son go for walks. He loves collecting conkers then getting home to get all warm and cosy sitting in front of the fire with a hot chocolate.

Jennifer Kennedy Autumn is awesome beautiful colours windy walks in the wood and long soaks in the hot tub and Christmas just around the corner.

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