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The busy festive period has come to a close and as we move through the winter months of 2017, you may have a little more time to focus on those general maintenance jobs to help with the upkeep of your holiday home.
Most modern static caravans and lodges these days are built using modern materials and are designed and constructed to minimise the exterior maintenance throughout the year. However, the elements can take their toll on our holiday homes so here are a few tips to help your static home to remain in a great condition for 2017 and beyond.

How to Winterise Your Holiday Home


Drain Down

If your lodge/caravan is empty for extended periods over winter, it is important that you ‘drain down’ to avoid any problems such as burst pipes, frost damage or corrosion to boilers and utilities. Here are a few top tips on how to winterise your holiday home.
1. Turn off the stop tap under your holiday home and disconnect it above the tap.
2. Underneath you will find 2, 4 or 6 drain valves.  Open all drain valves to release the water (and leave open until you are ready to drain up).
3. Open all taps inside at the kitchen, bathroom/shower and en-suite. If mixer taps open on cold side and empty, then hot side and leave open in centre position.
4. If your shower is fitted with a Thermostatic Mixer Valve (TMV).  The manufacturers of the (TMV) recommend them to be removed during the winter as water can sometimes be trapped inside, and create frost damage. Wrap in towel to insulate once removed). Contact the sales office for more literature.
5. Open drain plug/screw on water heater (if applicable).
6. If your holiday home is central heated DO NOT DRAIN the heating system. Leave the central heating boiler set on frost protection mode, check with the site office for advice if required.  We recommend that you get the anti-freeze strength in you central heating system checked annually.  This free check is available through the site office.
7. Flush all toilets.
8. Put anti-freeze down toilet pans and cisterns.
To “DRAIN UP” repeat process in reverse from procedure number 5 to number 1.
The company will be pleased to do a guaranteed drain down and reconnection for you.  If requested, cost and details are available from the Sales Office.
Should you require any assistance or wish to be shown how to drain your holiday home, please visit the Sales office.  Or contact us on 01301 703312.

Keep Damp at Bay

Most new caravans and lodges are built with modern materials and damp issues are minimal. However, damp and mould can build up anywhere and for older holiday homes, damp can be a real problem. There are a number of preventative measures to take in order to keep that musty smell and those dreaded black spots of mildew and mould at bay.     


Internal jobs

  • Spring clean the home regularly. Wipe down all surfaces with an anti-bacterial products and make sure everything is clean and dry before you lock up again.
  • Prevent the build-up of condensation and damp within the holiday home by leaving out dehumidifier crystals, moisture traps or salt bowls to absorb the damp. Build-up of condensation is inevitable throughout the winter and these measures are a way of reducing the levels.
  • Remove rubbish and food items that will fester over time.
  • Remove all soft furnishings, furniture can be moved into the middle of rooms to help air flow and reduce damp.
  • Open all internal doors to increase the air circulation.
  • Clean out the fridge and leave the door open to reduce odours and damp build-up.
  • It is good practice to check all the windows regularly to ensure that they are in good working order. Damaged rubber seals or loose windows will only worsen in the winter months so now maybe a good time to change those faulty ones. Check the locks and any window alarms are in working order. Don’t close the air vents as these are secure and will reduce the build-up of condensation over the winter months.

External Jobs

  • Clean the Exterior. A build-up of grime and dirt on the outside of your holiday home can encourage damp and moisture to cling to walls and roofs. This can increase deterioration. We recommend a thorough wash down either by hand or pressure wash.
  • A good quality overwintering fluid on the outside of your caravan/lodge will protect those outside shiny surfaces and reduce the build-up of muck and grime. This will make cleaning in the spring a lot easier.
  • Roof & Guttering. Again moss can build up on the roofs of caravans which can encourage damp and deterioration, and along with leaves and debris can block guttering. A clear gutter is essential to ensure water is taken directly away from the caravan/lodge as quickly as possible.
  • Check the anchorage. The weather up in Argyll can be pretty harsh over the winter months so it is important that the holiday home is secure and safe. Check for a build-up of rust and report any major faults to our park office. Make sure debris and vegetation is removed from under and around the caravan helping air to circulate and prevent damp.
If you have any concerns or questions about the maintenance of your holiday home then feel free to visit the sales office or contact us on 01301 703312.
Best wishes
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