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Top 20 Things Everyone Forgets to Bring on their Self-Catered Staycation!

We've rounded up some of the items people always forget to pack for their Argyll adventures! Find our list below. Did we leave any essentials off? 

30 Aug 2020

    Packing hacks to remember! 

    We’ve all been there - it’s the day of your holiday, the car’s full and you’re ready to get on the road. But wait, did you remember to pack the charger? What about the sun cream? The picnic rug?!

    Don’t worry, Argyll Holidays has your back with our list of most-often-forgotten things for self-catered holidays. 

    Fun and Games

    Packing doesn’t have to be a chore! Or at least, the things you’re bringing on holiday don’t have to be...

    A family playing a board game at Argyll Holidays
    Self catered accommodation means you have plenty of indoor space to spend time with your family

    1. Pack of cards

    With entertainment value for every age, a pack of cards can be an ace up your sleeve, especially on rainy days.

    2. Board games

    A fun board game can keep the family entertained for hours! From the traditionals like  Monopoly or Cluedo, to newer, more portable games like Bananagrams or a family favourite, Dobble.

    Frisbees are great for holidays

    3. Frisbee/football

    Bringing a frisbee or football can make a picnic, beach day or walk even more enjoyable.    

    4. Bike helmets

    Whether you’re bringing your bike, or planning to hire one out, don’t forget safety and bring your own helmet!

    Dress to impress

    Hopefully, you’ve remembered to pack all the basics for clothing! But we’ve listed some of the other apparel that’s easy to forget.

    A family who have brought swimming costumes on their staycation
    Hot tub lodges are available at Argyll Holidays and holiday parks with pools

    5. Swimming costumes/trunks

    Whether you’re renting a hot tub lodge or are planning a beach day, don’t forget your swimwear!

    6. Apron

    If you’re planning on cooking up a storm in your accommodation’s kitchen on BBQ, an apron is a must-pack!

    Walking in Scotland requires sturdy footwear

    7. Walking boots/wellies (and socks!)

    You’ll want a good sturdy, waterproof pair of shoes for any walking or running you’re planning. If you bring walking boots or wellies don’t forget the socks too for additional comfort.

    8. Face covering

    Currently, Scottish regulations require face masks to be worn in public, indoor spaces, so please remember to bring a few. When at our holiday parks, please note face masks are mandatory within all public indoor areas.

    Kitchen Winners

    You’ll find a well-stocked kitchen at your self-catered accommodation but here are some useful extras you might otherwise forget to bring from home...

    Family having breakfast at their self-catered accommodation
    Our self-catering lodges and caravans have kitchens for you to prepare the meals you want!

    9. Tupperware

    Perfect for packing supplies for a day out, snacks for a road trip or saving leftovers if you’re cooking the night before.

    10. Kitchen Roll

    We all know how useful kitchen roll is! But it’s a surprisingly easy one to forget when packing.

    Kitchen at Drimsynie

    11. Dishwasher tabs

    A lot of our accommodation options are complete with dishwashers. All you need to remember are the tabs to save the washing up!

    12. Oil/condiments/seasoning

    These are necessary for almost every meal and yet surprisingly easy to forget.

    Fun in the Sun

    We can’t always guarantee hot weather, but when the sun does shine you’ll want to get out and explore the beauty of Argyll! So better bring all the right stuff...

    Nothing says summer like a family BBQ on holiday
    Pack with positivity and make the most of beautiful weather at Argyll Holidays

    13. Beach towels/buckets/spades

    A lot of people don’t realise how stunning the beaches in Argyll are! But if you get a spell of nice weather they’re a must-visit.

    14. BBQ equipment

    At Drimsynie Holiday Village and Hunters Quay Holiday Village, we provide BBQ slabs at all accommodation to enjoy.

    A lovely family picnic in Argyll
    With so many spots around Argyll perfect for a picnic, you need to remember your rug!

    15. Picnic rug

    Incredibly useful for if you’re planning a day out or want to relax outside of your accommodation.

    16. Sun cream/insect repellent

    It’s always important to stay safe!

    The ones that everyone forgets!

    Last, but certainly not least, these are the miscellaneous items we’ve all forgotten to pack for a holiday at some point. Though never again with this list!

    A bed at self catered holiday lodge

    17. Chargers

    Simply because you’ve been using your chargers, they’re quite often the last thing to be packed. As well as your phone’s, remember chargers for any laptops, tablets and gadgets too.

    18. Toiletries

    Although we usually provide toiletries, during this time period we are reducing the items left in your accommodation for safety purposes, so make sure to bring your own shampoo!

    You don't want to forget something on holiday
    No one wants to arrive on holiday and remember they've forgotten something!

    19. Plastic bags

    Useful for holiday food shopping, as bin liners, to keep dirty laundry separate, the humble plastic bag is definitely a must-bring for your self-catered holiday.

    20. Membership cards

    If you’re a member of any organisations such as the National Trust for Scotland, don’t forget your membership card for reduced/free entry!

    Fortunately though, your Argyll Holidays key is like an exclusive membership card in itself, gaining you access to loads of the best activities in the region at reduced rates...

    Packing like a pro

    A child all packed for holiday

    So the only question left is, what did we forget off our list? Of course, everyone packs for a holiday in their own way, but hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for the things that could otherwise be forgotten.

    Once you’re all ready to hit the road, the holiday can begin! Enjoy a road trip to one of our holiday parks in Argyll. We have five parks in total, each with their own qualities - whether you prefer a peaceful break or a family fun adventure. Plus, they all make a great base to explore this gorgeous part of Scotland.

    Find out which park is your perfect fit, here: Discover Our Parks

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