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Adding Special Touches to your Wedding Ceremony... at Drimsynie Estate

18 Sep 2019

  • Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village

Worried about how to make your wedding ceremony a bit more special? We’ve taken a look at the growing trends in Scottish wedding ceremonies and put together this guide on how you can adapt them to suit your own special day. Although the ceremony is the most traditional part of your wedding, there are ways to tailor it into a bespoke service that you and your partner will love.

hand fasting

Tie the Knot

Did you ever wonder where that expression comes from? This harks back to a medieval custom, traditionally Scottish, called ‘Hand Fasting’. This tradition symbolises the couple coming together as one at the start of their marriage.

It involves the couple facing each other, joining hands and a cloth is tied around their hands in a knot, uniting their two families as one. You may personalise this even further by choosing to use a family tartan, or a colour that holds particular significance to you and your partner.

oathing stone

No stone left unturned

Do you and your partner have a favourite place? Collect any stone from there and use it as part of your ceremony. The Oathing Stone is a Scottish tradition that involves the couple placing their hands on a sentimental stone whilst saying their vows.

Why not further tailor your stone to suit you as a couple? Get it engraved as a keepsake from your wedding day. Initials, names, dates and quotes work great as an engraving.

quaich ceremony

Let’s drink to that!

Any excuse, right? A Quaich Ceremony involves the couple drinking from a traditional Scottish two handled cup. Like Hand Fasting, the act of the couple drinking from the same cup during their service symbolises the two partners becoming one.

Traditionally, this cup is usually filled with whisky, but this ceremony allows you to be freer with your drink choose. Mix two together or pick one you both enjoy, then drink the rest as your first toast together as a married couple.



Drimsynie Estate is proud to announce their first Wedding Showcase on the 2nd of November 2019. Be inspired by our wedding venues, tailored to the highest standard. A snapshot into how we can make your dream day into a reality. 

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Experience the charm of Drimsynie Estate whilst sipping champagne and enjoying light canapes. 

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