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The Christmas spirit barometer is sky high in Argyll this December as we reveal the identity of two of our most popular yet elusive guests.


A festively decked out caravan our picturesque Drimsynie Estate, registered under the name of Mr & Mrs S Claus, was discovered during a routine inspection and will be – for the first time – open to children of holidaymakers during the month of December, while the couple are thought to be ‘away on business’.


Lisa Allan-Downie, head of marketing said: “Christmas in Argyll is magical at the best of times and, but the discovery of what appears to be Santa’s secret holiday hideout is a huge boost for local kids and families visiting the area over the festive season.


“We knew this caravan was occupied by a lovely older couple who always seemed to disappear during the month of December, but it all makes sense now we’ve seen inside!”


The caravan of Christmas love includes trees, tinsel, a desk scattered with toy making tools, sacks full of toys and even Santa’s back-up red suit.


With Santa’s permission, we will open the caravan for kids to explore, and in return are asking parents to make a donation to SiMBA, a charity to support those affected by the loss of a baby. 


For more information and opening times, check our social media.

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