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3D Bunny printout Easter

Whether you’re staying with Argyll Holidays or at home this Easter, keeping the kids occupied is a rather tall task! That’s why we’ve created Rusty’s Easter Fun Pack for the whole family to (print out and) enjoy. The fun pack includes:

Colour Me In:

This isn’t totally exclusive to children either, have you seen all the adult colouring books on the shelves recently? Get involved, it’s surprisingly relaxing!

Find the Words:

Great to get the cogs turning, and can be coloured in too. Loads of fun!

Make a 3D Bunny Pal:

All you will need is some glue, scissors, and adult supervision for this one. The result will be an awesome little 3D bunny pal!

We do have one thing to ask in return though… Share pictures of your completed crafts please?! You can find us on Facebook or Twitter - can’t wait to see them!

Until Next Time,
The Argyll Holidays Team

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