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Holiday Home Ownership in Argyll, Scotland

Want the inside scoop of owning a holiday lodge or caravan? From the pros of buying, and the process itself, to the activities enjoyed and the reasons Argyll Holidays is the perfect choice…

Stay tuned to hear all about lodge owner Stuart’s journey into the world of holiday home ownership.

I’m Stuart, 38 years young and married to my wonderful wife Charlotte. We have two fantastic children Lily (aged 7) and Harry (aged 3), and our super excitable family dog Murphy too. We’ve owned our holiday home at Drimsynie Estate Holiday Village in Scotland for just two years now. It’s the best decision we as a family have made in a very long time, here’s more about our holiday home ownership experience

The Buying Process

Charlotte and I couldn’t believe the ease of the whole process. It started by researching locations and seeing which would suit our needs best. The park pages were a great help for us as they really detail all aspects you need to consider. Drimsynie seemed to have everything we needed. We realised it was the right balance of outdoor activities, child friendly pursuits and a scenic place to relax and unwind. Drimsynie is just over an hour and a half from our home in Newton Mearns - far enough away so we were holidaying, but not too much of an exhausting drive either.

Drimsynie Estate Map

Next, we decided on the holiday home. We spoke to James who was able to help us find the perfect holiday home within our budget. James was super helpful and we felt no pressure to buy at any stage - these guys want you to be happy, that’s really apparent whenever we’ve needed their help or advice. James was great at helping us consider things we’d never have thought of, for example having somewhere with double glazing and central heating.

Then we needed to consider our budget; you’ll be surprised what you can get for your money! The team at Argyll Holidays make it really simple to figure out the right finance package for you, which takes a lot of the stress out of the process.

Interior of a lodge at Argyll Holidays

The Pros of Buying

Charlotte initially had the idea of buying, but I had reservations. Would it be an investment? Or just a chunk of money sat there empty? Turns out it was a fantastic investment! The pros of buying a holiday lodge on the bonnie banks of Lochgoilhead definitely outweighed any cons… here’s what swung it for me.

Our Own Holiday Hub

A chance to holiday at the drop of a hat, when WE want. Freedom to take a little time out of daily life whenever it suits our family is by far the best part of owning a holiday lodge. Especially when work has been extra stressful and one of us needs to recharge (more on how we do so later).

The lack of packing we have to do before a trip is a dream. Our lodge is stocked up so all we need is just a few changes of clothes and we’re good to go, travelling light! Well… As light as you can with two children under 10 and their menagerie of stuffed toys that need a holiday too!

Investing in Our Future

Not only does our holiday home provide us with a base where we can emotionally invest and build lasting memories with our little ones.

Family and friends also make the most out of our place; they have visited on a few occasions. So the holiday home great for us, but we’re also even more popular with our loved ones too!

Owner’s Pass

We get free access to leisure facilities around the park with our owners pass. Heading to the gym is a big part of my weekly routine, so the onsite (included in the price) gym was a big deal for me as I wouldn’t have to break from my fitness plan… It turns out Argyll is the perfect haven for keeping fit with the amount of outdoor pursuits and activities you can enjoy is brilliant. The other best perks of the owner’s pass have to be free access to the sauna, jacuzzi and steamroom!

Free WiFi

A great perk and certainly one welcomed by our family. Charlotte especially needs constant access to the internet for her line of work, so to have this included as standard was a definite bonus for her. Access to the internet is great for entertaining the kids during down time too which means Charlotte and I have some time to switch off and relax…


Every member of the family has found an activity they love at Drimsynie… 50% off golf memberships at Drimsynie. Ladies and gentlemen, I am one happy chap at the 9 hole golf course! Lily and Harry cannot wait to hit up Rusty the Squirrel’s indoor funhouse each time we visit. They always make new friends and the staff there are incredible with the little ones. Lily especially loves the mini discos but Harry’s more of a soft play area kind of lad. And Charlotte? Well, Charlotte is just happy to head over to The Treatment Rooms for a pamper session.

Great for the Kids

The importance of creating memories is what owning a holiday home is all about in essence. We are thankful to be in a position to be able to provide our children with regular holidays, making the most wonderful memories for them to look back on. I myself look back fondly on family getaways and want the same for my children, and now my little ones with have the opportunity to do the same as they mature.

Having easy access to nature is really important for us. It teaches our two kids to take enjoyment out of the incredible scenery around us, and long may it continue as they grow. The less time on tablets or sitting in front of the TV, and the more being active outdoors will stimulate their minds and keep them healthy in the process. Drimsynie Estate has a great outdoor playground for them to burn off some steam on the days we don’t want to venture away from the park. If myself and Charlotte aren’t in the mood for outdoor adventures, then the children always enjoy the regular entertainment which keeps their minds active, and allows us to sit down for a little while!

Rusty the Squirrel having fun in the ball pool!

Pet friendly

Good old Murph is a super active pooch, so we had to consider his needs when buying our holiday home. We required a lodge with lots of space for him to bound about, not to mention great places to go on walks and explore. The great thing about Drimsynie Estate is the wide range of routes you can take when going on a trek so it keeps it interesting for both Murphy and me.

Want to enjoy all of the benefits of owning your own holiday home like Stuart and his family do?

Check out the Special Offers page, the Holiday Home Finder tool, or read other customer testimonials to see if Argyll Holidays is the place for you to invest in your family’s future.

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