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Immersing yourself in the idillic scenes of Argyll does wonders for the mind and spirit. Combine that with a cycling route to suit you and we think you’ve mastered the body bit too. 

Before you jump on your two wheeler let’s look at how you can get 'route ready'..

Quick Bike Safety Checks
- Check tyres are in good condition and the pressure is correct.

- Check your brakes work properly.

- Check each wheel to see if they run true and are in line. Ensure they are securely fixed in place and tightened. 
- Check the drive system. Both petals should turn freely and the chain should move up and down the gears easily. 
- Adjust seat and handlebar to a comfortable height.
- If riding in poor light, ensure your lights are working properly.
 and batteries are fully charged.

(Don't own a sturdy bike / don't fancy bringing one with you? Find out more about hiring)

Pack the Necessities 
- Spare tube / puncture repair kit
 (provided when hiring)
- Helmet (provided when hiring)
- Bike tool kit

- Tyre pump
- A first aid kit

- Water to keep hydrated 

- Snacks for energy
Plan Your Journey
It’s important to have an idea of your route beforehand, so here are some of our off-road favourites to get you started!
Arrochar Route
Distance: 10 miles
Duration: 2hrs (approximately)

Near: Loch Lomond Holiday Park
Distance: 45.12 miles

Duration: 4hrs 30mins (approximately)
Hunters Quay Route 
Distance: 28.13 miles

Duration: 2hrs 50mins (approximately)

Near: Hunters Quay Holiday Village
Loch Awe Loop Route 

Distance: 79.61 miles

Duration: 8hrs (approximately)

Near: Loch Awe Holiday Park

Loch Lomond Ride Route 
Distance: 26.8 miles

Duration: 2hrs 40mins (approximately)

Near: Loch Lomond Holiday Park

Route: Succoth
Distance: 15.28 miles

Duration: 1hr 30mins (approximately)

Near: Loch Lomond Holiday Park

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