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Redefine your next business meeting by escaping the rigmarole of office life. Expand your horizons by breaking free of the shackles of city life. Pack up, explore and let creativity take hold, as the best ideas come from new experiences.

Smash targets in a different way by getting your team involved in Archery – available on site at Drimsynie Estate Hotel. This exciting activity installs some friendly competition between colleagues, and challenges them to try something new.

20 Sep 2019

  • Archery

Archery at Drimsynie Estate - Teambuilding

Unleash your inner Robin Hood in our very own Sherwood Forest! Let our excellent Archery instructors show you how to set, aim and fire in this exciting pastime that stretches back through the ages. 

With an Archery Experience at Drimsynie Estate, there’s a lot of fun to be had. We start of the session with some fun warm up games that will get you in the correct mindset, including shooting practice targets, balloons and stickers. Make sure you’re wearing something comfortable as this activity can be intense, and don’t forget to bring a good eye for the target!

Breaking down Archery can be done in 3 simple stages – Stance, Anchor Points and Aiming.

1 – Stance

Just like in any other sports, your posture or stance will always affect your aim. Before you even think about raising your bow, make sure your feet are in the correct position! Angle both feet at a right angle to the target and just a touch less apart than your shoulders.

2 – Anchor Points

This is the point, usually under the check bone with the bowstring pulled to the tip of your nose, where the bow is pulled back before firing – but everyone is different! Give different anchor points a chance to find out what is most comfortable for you!

3 – Aiming

Now’s the time to fire! Practice your breathing techniques to clear your mind, inhale deeply when you’re aiming and allow five to ten seconds to focus on the target before you release your shot – doing this is proven to help you hit the bullseye!

At Drimsynie Estate Hotel, we have everything on site to offer you and your delegates the best experience possible. We have spaces to host any size of party, from the more intimate to the larger gathering as well as numerous break out spaces and activities for you to plan the ultimate office escape.

For more information on booking your next meeting or team building event at Drimsynie call us on 01301 703344 or email

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