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If you're looking for a unique and stunning holiday destination that your family will remember forever, you don't have to go as far as you might think. Family breaks in Argyll and Bute can be the perfect getaway - without the hassle and expense of travelling to the other side of the world.

If you want to make the most of your time in the stunning region of Argyll and Bute, with its breathtaking natural scenery and plentiful family attractions, you would do well to think like a local! In this region local life is about the balance between nature and community, and how to make the most of both!

In this blog we aim to help visitors planning their holidays in Argyll and Bute make the most of their time in this wonderful place, by enjoying the region like a local.

Get Out Into Nature

Walking Adventures

The joy of the local walks are one of the big attractions in Argyll and Bute. Whether your family are keen walkers, with all the gear and the expertise, or you just fancy a breath of fresh air and a way to see the scenery, there's an option for every ability.

The peninsula of Cowal boasts a huge range of different local walks. Within easy reach from all of the major towns in the area, Cowal offers visitors walks suitable for any ability. There is a beautiful variation of terrain to be explored, from the rugged mountains to the inspiring and varied coastline. Walkers will find tranquil lochs to admire and deep, dark forests to be explored, all full of local wildlife.


Whatever your age and ability, there will be something to get you inspired! A selection of walks are available in Cowal that offer the best in scenery and wildlife spotting. Dust off those walking boots and enjoy getting lost (metaphorically, of course) in the enchanting natural beauty of the region.

Spot local Wildlife

The rugged natural landscapes of Argyll and Bute offer visitors a chance for some of the best and most varied marine wildlife watching in Britain. Even a day trip to Mull and its nearby islands will show you beautiful machair flowers, stunning local birds, old oak woods and of course the rare native red squirrel.


Amongst other organised nature watching activities are, safari adventures, whale watching tours, nature reserves. The locals in Argyll and Bute make the most of the beautiful nature that surrounds them. You can do the same during your stay!

Explore the Lochs

Of all the natural attractions in Argyll & Bute, the unquestionable beauty of the lochs is one of the most remarkable. With some of Scotland's most breathtaking lochs in close proximity to our holiday parks, you'll be able to explore and enjoy the lochs like a local!

Here are just a few of the lochs you can visit:

Loch Awe


This beautiful loch is not to be missed during your stay. It is the longest freshwater loch in Scotland (25 miles from end to end.) Writing for the Telegraph, Clive Anderson has this to say about visiting Loch Awe:

"Further north, Loch Awe is, well, awesome, apparently the longest stretch of fresh water in Scotland. In a small boat you can pootle around its islands. One has a burial ground, another the remains of a small castle. Other islands are man-made crannogs, or ancient dwellings, built in the Iron Age but still not rusted away. You can swim in the loch if you're keen on cold water, or drown in it if you are not careful of the sudden storms."

Loch Lomond


This breathtaking loch is the largest inland body of freshwater in Britain, and is part of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. It's become a popular attraction for families, and it's not difficult to see why. Home to an abundance of wildlife and surrounded by vast mountains, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park truly is one to add to your travel wishlist!

Our Cruise on Loch Lomond offers the opportunity to experience the serenity of the 'bonnie banks.' They provide a full schedule with various routes on offer. Cycle hire is also available. Ideal for day trippers, holiday makers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Visit The Islands

All the savvy locals enjoy the beauty and charm of the islands with plenty of ferry trips available from the mainland. There are 23 inhabited islands in Argyll & Bute for you and your family to explore! Each with its own unique charm and attraction.


Writing for the Observer, Kevin McKenna has this to say about Easdale, one of Argyll & Bute's truly hidden gems:

"No amount of visits to Easdale will prepare a visitor for the essential spirit of the island. This is a place that, on your first few encounters, seems to offer the prospect of gifts to requite the yearnings of any soul. With this though, comes a challenge to any sense of self-reliance or instant gratification. It calls for the humility of having to rely on others."

Attractions and Days Out

Rainy Day Activities

Whilst you can plan your trip to Argyll and Bute down to the letter, you will still occasionally be at the mercy of the Scottish weather. However, whatever the highlands can throw at us, Argyll and Bute have activities available for all occasions.

Cruachan - The Hollow Mountain

Cruachan Power Station is a hydroelectric power station that is situated close to the shores of Loch Awe. Doesn't sound that exciting, does it? But, here's the kicker - it's hidden one kilometer below the ground! Deep within Ben Cruachan, the power stations' massive turbines are housed within a huge cavern that is big enough to fit the Tower of London in it. With a visitor center, interactive activities for children and cafe this is a wonderful day out for anyone interested in science or engineering.

Lagavulin Distillery


Whilst this isn't a hugely family friendly rainy day activity, it is an opportunity that whiskey lovers shouldn't miss! Situated at the picturesque Lagavulin Bay, the visitors can take a tour of the distillery. Peated malt, slow distillation and long maturation together ensure Lagavulin develops a complex, rich, peaty character.

Treatment Rooms


Relax and revitalise after a long day of activities with a treatment in The Treatment Rooms at Hunters Quay. With a range of holistic and beauty treatments, from massages and facials to manicures, there is something guaranteed to help you unwind in Argyll.

Family Fun

If you want something to keep the kids entertained during your family break in Argyll and Bute, there are plenty of local options to choose from.



Situated near Loch Lomond, Treezone has all the makings of an exciting treetop adventure! Enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the country as you explore zip wires, balance beams, hanging platforms, tight-ropes, scramble nets, white knuckle bridges & tree to tree zip wires!

Bird of Prey Centre


Spend time in the company of some remarkable birds of prey. There are over thirty birds at the centre. From little owls and hawks, falcons to magnificent golden eagles.

Eating and Drinking

The Goil Inn


The perfect quaint, village pub. The Goil Inn is never lacking in friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy tasty homemade bar meals seven days a week, take part in the famous Goil Inn Pub Quiz, or enjoy a game of pool or darts. You can also enjoy live entertainment with the locals. The beer garden boasts a fantastic view overlooking the loch. Perfect for an afternoon drink!

Quay by the Sea


Enjoy all of the local favourites from the comfort of your accommodation with our authentic fish and chip van located on site. Offering a tasty takeaway service, this is a great option if you want to enjoy a cosy night in or enjoy dinner from the comfort of your personal balcony on a sunny evening.

Fireside Bar


This bar offers an adult only environment for the perfect, relaxing drink. With a traditional coal fire and a friendly atmosphere, you can enjoy a cosy evening at the Fireside Bar. This bar is also the perfect place to catch sporting events, showing live football and rugby on flat screen televisions in the bar. You can also stop by and enjoy a good old singalong, with regular acoustic nights hosted at weekends.

As you've read, there is a lot of enjoy in Argyll & Bute. Come and see it for yourself soon by booking a break with us at one of our wonderful holiday parks.

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