Decorate your Holiday Home for Halloween


How to Decorate your Holiday Home for Halloween

Spooktober has arrived! The leaves have started falling across our parks, there’s a chill in the air, and Halloween is on the horizon. To get us in to the festive spirit, we have been treating ourselves to the top tricks when it comes to Halloween décor. We here at Argyll Holiday’s are bringing you the best ideas on how to spice up your holiday home for the spooky season. 

From your porch to mantel, no one will question your commitment to the holiday once they catch a glimpse of your handiwork. Most home made decorations can be made with inexpensive supplies from Amazon or items you already own. You won't need witchcraft to DIY these easy yet creative decor ideas.



You can find free pumpkin carving stencils, patterns, and templates online that will allow you to create a unique jack o' lantern that will put your neighbours in awe. They're also super easy to use, so you can create something awesome even if you're a beginner. You simply print out the pattern of your choice, use a marker or pencil to transfer it, and then carve your pumpkin with your own kitchen knives. Nothing fancy required here!


Fairy lights are not just for Christmas! You can find low energy fairy lights fairly cheap with most online retail stores such as Amazon and Ebay, or even in the seasonal aisle of your local supermarket. From glowing ghosts, to LED pumpkins, there is plenty of options to light up your holiday home on the darkest night of the year. Why not pop some battery operated lights into a mason jar, and use a sharpie to draw a spooky jack-o-lantern design? Voila! Your very own light up pumpkins to display in the window or door step of your holiday home.


Why not create a floating phantom to haunt your holiday home using only an old sheet, a coat hanger, and some sharpies! Simply drape an old sheet over your hanger, cutting a small hole in the top to allow for the handle to feed through, and get to work with your sharpies to design your ghosts fear inducing features! Simple, inexpensive, and easy to assemble. Or you could turn white balloons into ghostly masterpieces by drawing on a face with black Sharpie and adding some crepe ribbons to the bottom. Mix your green thumb with some spookiness this holiday season with a creepy coffin planter. Just plant as you normally would, but stick some skeleton bones in there to create the perfect Halloween ambiance.


Get the kids involved in decorating and try drawing spooky faces on empty, clean gallon milk jugs, then fill with white holiday lights to decorate your holiday home with a ghostly Halloween glow. If you’re in need of really cheap Halloween decorations, look no further than your front doorstep! Creating Halloween monster rocks is the perfect DIY Halloween decoration if you have young kids too as all you need is paint, googly eyes, and rocks. Let the whole family go wild creating their own little creatures to display!


When you are done why not share a spooky snap of your decorations on social media and tag us @ArgyllHolidays! We cant wait to see your creepy creations.

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