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Fall in Love with an Autumn Wedding

Our handy guide to planning the perfect Autumn Wedding at Drimsynie Estate... 

10 Oct 2018

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Autumn wedding in Argyll

Gone are the days when weddings could only take place during summer. Weddings are now an all year-round event, with some of the most breath-taking ceremonies taking place out with traditional seasons. Autumn and winter weddings are growing in style so we’ve come up with a guide on how to plan the perfect Autumn Wedding...

Plan, Don’t Plan, Plan Again

The first thing about an autumn wedding is to prepare for the unexpected. It’s an unpredictable time of year, and you can’t rely on good weather the way you can in the summer. Plan ahead for your autumn wedding, and make sure you have a Plan B… and maybe a Plan C.

If you’re truly passionate about an autumn wedding, select a venue with a lot of trees, like our Drimsynie Estate Hotel. Located just over an hour from Glasgow, Drimsynie would make the perfect secluded and spectacular venue for your big day. Perhaps even give it a visit in the autumn before in order to scout out the best spots for photos. You’ll really want to focus on crisp fallen leaves and the beautiful Lochside setting as these will make your photographs truly beautiful.

Consider having your ceremony at dusk, as having your ceremony in the late afternoon would make use of the natural ambience of autumn, and would really give you the opportunity to play with lighting. Lit candles and fairy lights are a great way to achieve that stunning twilight glow that will take your ceremony into the evening.

And remember, autumn weather can be temperamental so think about ways that you can combat this for your guests. Think about having umbrellas, wellies or shawls ready for your guests in case of an emergency. Or else…

fairy lights autumn wedding argyll

Bring the Outside Inside

…think about having an indoor wedding. This option means you don’t have to worry about external elements. A way to keep in with the theme of autumn is to bring the outside inside. Look outside for inspiration and try to see the beauty in things that perhaps wouldn’t traditionally play a role within a wedding ceremony.

Choose to have your special day at Drimsynie Estate and our dedicated team are here to make sure your day is perfect. We’re experts in catering from everything, be it a small, intimate occasion or a large party of up to 180 guests. Tie the knot in our ceremony room, which is absolutely perfect for bringing elements from the outside in as decoration. We also organise ceremonies on our beautifully landscaped grounds overlooking the banks of Loch Goil…

Perhaps consider bringing small trees, twigs and branches indoors to decorate your ceremony area, think about adding fairy lights or spraying them gold or bronze for a rich, fairy tale look. The rustic theme suits an autumnal wedding to a tee, so think about different ways to incorporate this theme to your wedding. Hay bales and tree stumps are good alternatives for seats, but you can take the theme further by adapting it to fit in with the wedding breakfast, or even to the wedding dress.

Also think about decorating with bunting, perhaps even create some out of leaves? Use colours like brown, burnt orange and faded yellow to layer and add different dimensions to your autumn wedding.

decorate wedding table argyll

Paint with all the Colours of the Wind

Having an autumnal wedding truly opens up your colour palette to explore new shades that aren’t connected with a ‘traditional’ wedding. With an autumn wedding, think about incorporating richer shades like rust, chocolate, purple, burgundy or orange as these will complement the natural elements surrounding your wedding.

However, if you feel you are relying too heavily on an autumnal colour palette, liven it up with shades like cerise, yellow, green or sky blue. These shades are best used sparingly, but when used they create a stunning contrast to your existing palette.

Another way to incorporate colour into your autumnal wedding is by looking around for inspiration. Look at what’s currently in season – add berries or seasonal squash to your bouquet. This is another way to bring the elements indoor, but also further emphasise your theme for your guests.

autumnal wedding colours

A Twilight Reception

The theme does not have to stop when decorating for your evening guests! Although it can be tricky to bring the outdoors inside during meal times, there are certain ways to do it whilst remaining tasteful.

When it comes to table decorations, think about centrepieces. Pumpkins make great autumnal centrepieces in fact, pumpkins work very well in the evening. Due to their vibrant colour they stand out against an evening back drop. Hollow them out and fill them with flowers to make stunning centrepieces or else fill them with ice and use them as ice buckets to keep champagne chilled for toasting.

Also think about adding toffee apples as table decorations, have them scattered in various places or even attach your guests’ names to them have them double as both favours and place settings. This would get your guests talking and the children would love them!

Pine-cones and chestnuts can also be added to your table decorations. Maybe think about spraying them gold in order to make them feel warmer and more opulent. Place them in jam jars for a rustic effect or place them at the bottom of candles as additional décor.

mulled wine with oranges autumn wedding

Cake and Comfort Food

Our talented team of chefs work tirelessly to create a range of cuisines for your occasion to make sure you and your guests have an unforgettable dining experience. All of our food is fresh, local and lovingly prepared from canapes to the evening buffet!

Cinderella rode in a pumpkin carriage – take the fairy-tale fantasy further by having a pumpkin carriage cake. If fairy-tales aren’t your thing decorate your cake with iced berries or leaves. Remember to have a play about with flavour. Spiced apple or cinnamon are great autumnal flavours that would complement the mulled wine you could serve your guests on arrival.

When considering your wedding breakfast, think about your favourite foods. Autumn is all about comfort eating, so have a discussion with your partner about what food makes you feel warm and at home. A lot of great food is in season during autumn so think about stews, dumplings, pies and roasted vegetables.

Play with autumn flavours, butternut squash and slow roasted pumpkin are perfect for turning into soups for starters. Autumn is also game season, so there is potential to add pheasant to your menu. Cinnamon is a great flavour to have fun with, add it to your cakes, biscuits or even cocktails!

autumn wedding cake

From the Wedding to the Honeymoon

One of the best reasons to spend your wedding day at Argyll Holidays is the luxury of knowing that when it’s over, you move right on to the next stage. With its secluded hot tub and truly special views, our Honeymoon Lodge is the perfect place to spend your first night as a married couple. For the rest of your guests, we have a broad range of accommodation to suit all needs.

bride and groom with sparklers

Drimsynie is a truly special spot and it is a true hidden gem. Framed by mountains and gazing out towards the sea loch, it’s a unique and romantic setting… perfect for a day you and your guests will remember forever.

Autumn weddings truly make some of the most beautiful ceremonies we’ve ever seen. From the scenery, to the colours, to the food, we’ve got you covered. Make your day the most stunning event of the year by booking now to have your autumn wedding with Argyll Holidays…

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