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The Best Walks in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

There are plenty of amazing walks to do around Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Whether you want a shorter stroll or a proper mountain hike, our recommendations guarantee amazing views for everyone!

3 Aug 2020

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  • Easy, medium and advanced walking routes in Loch Lomond

Experience the true Scotland by foot

Walking is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience Scotland. You can take in the fresh country air and endless unspoilt scenery, spot local wildlife and climb the highest Munros in the country. All giving you that satisfying sense of ‘getting away from it’.

Below, we have listed some of the best walks near Loch Lomond. We’ve handpicked these so that there is something for all abilities, from easy to advanced. Plus, they benefit from starting and ending at the same car park, so you don’t need to worry about catching public transport to get back to your car!

Luss Village Walks

  • Difficulty - Easy
  • Estimated time - 15 minutes or 1 hour
  • Length - Up to 2 miles
  • Wheelchair/Buggy accessible?  Yes
  • Closest Argyll Holidays park - 20 minutes in the car to Loch Lomond Holiday Park. Drive down the A82

A day trip to Luss conservation village is a must-do on your holiday by Loch Lomond


A building in Luss Village

A building in Luss Village. Credit to James Denham 

This charming village will transport you to a different era with its postcard cottages, quaint tearooms and lovely shops selling handmade goods and souvenirs. Luss really comes into its own during the summer when the village is adorned with colourful hanging baskets, making it even prettier!

There are two walks we always recommend when visiting in Luss, both starting at the car park by the Visitors Centre.

The ‘Lochside Path’ shorter walk is perfect for those in wheelchairs, with buggies or with very young children, as it goes along flat surfaces. It’s a 15-minute stroll through the village and along the lochside, for gorgeous views over Loch Lomond.

Luss Village overlooking Loch Lomond
Luss Village overlooking Loch Lomond. Credit to Gavin Young

Walking directions:

  1. Head out of the car park, and turn left onto School Road
  2. Walk along School Road and at the end of the road turn left on Pier Road 
  3. Walk all the way up the road towards the Luss Pier
  4. Take a right, and follow the footpath alongside Loch Lomond. The views over the water are really special!
  5. Follow the footpath, until you get back to the road. Then bear left, and follow the road back to Pier Road. (There’s a great ice cream parlour on this road)
  6. Cross Pier Road and head to School Road. 
  7. Walk back up School Road towards the car park

The longer walk is known as the Luss Heritage Path. It takes walkers all the way around the lovely village and a little bit into the countryside too, where you can spot some great views. This walk takes about an hour (at 2 miles long) so it is still suitable for children. But the rougher terrain and some steps in places means that it’s not wheelchair or buggy accessible.

Find the full walking directions and a map: HERE

River Eachaig & River Massan Circular Route

  • Difficulty - Medium
  • Estimated time - 1.5-2 hours
  • Length - 3 miles
  • Wheelchair/Buggy accessible? No
  • Closest Argyll Holidays park - Stratheck Holiday Park is only half a mile up the road to Benmore Botanic Garden! 

This scenic woodland walk is easy to make longer or shorter, depending on your mood!

A beautiful walk through the woods by the River Eachaig and River Massan
A beautiful walk through the woods. Credit to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park

This walk starts at Benmore Botanic Garden car park. Whilst it doesn’t actually venture into the gardens it takes you around some beautiful local woodland, including along the banks of two rivers - Eachaig and Massan.

This is the perfect walk for a cloudy day when you just want to get out for some fresh air! Not only will you be protected by the trees should it start to rain, but it is also made up of three loops, so it’s an easy walk to cut short if you need to. Or, if you’re feeling active, you can tag on a walk around the botanic gardens to finish it off!

Keep your eyes peeled as you walk through the woods for local wildlife. We particularly love the parts of this walk where you’re going alongside the rivers - it just feels so peaceful. Plus, the fact that it begins and ends at the botanic gardens, which have toilet and cafe facilities currently open, makes it even better!

Benmore Botanic Gardens
Benmore Botanic Gardens are definitely worth a visit

Find the full walking directions and a map: HERE

Climbing Beinn Mhòr 

  • Difficulty - Advanced
  • Estimated time - 4-5 hours
  • Length - 7.5 miles
  • Height - 700m
  • Wheelchair/Buggy accessible? No
  • Closest Argyll Holidays park - Stratheck Holiday Park and Hunters Quay Holiday Village are both about 20 minutes drive from the starting point

Beinn Mhòr is the highest peak in its peninsula, meaning the views are second to none.

The peak of Beinn Mhòr
The peak of Beinn Mhòr. Credit to Viewfinder

No matter what type of walking you enjoy, this route has it all. Starting with a small waterfall, then forests and farmland, before finally the trek up the mountain for sweeping views over Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

It’s not technically a circular walk, as after reaching the peak of Beinn Mhor, you retrace your steps to your car. But with such beautiful scenery, you won’t mind doing the same route back!

For those who prefer a shorter distance, you can stop after the 3km walk to the base of the hill, before heading back. The scenery is beautiful as you wander through the unspoilt countryside. Plus the start point by the River Massan, and the pretty Massan Falls, is the perfect place for a picnic! 

The view of the River Massan
View at the beginning of the walk. Credit to Dunoon and District Angling Club

For those wanting a hearty hill trek, once you reach the base of Beinn Mhòr, continue to follow the path as it leads you steeply up. Take in the wild scenery as you walk through the Scottish moorlands (dog walkers please note to take your lead, as this area is used for open mooring), before the final ascent up the summit. We promise - the views make the whole walk worth it!

Find the full walking directions and a map: HERE

Other Walks near Loch Lomond

These are just three of the walks near Loch Lomond we recommend, though in actual fact, the choice is limitless. This part of the world is perfect for exploring by foot.

If you want more inspiration of the great outdoors, you’ll love our list of scenic gems nearby our holiday parks. With more walks and some great view points, it’s the perfect check list of things to see on your next trip to Scotland.

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Article FAQs

  • What are some easy walks in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park?

    • Cormonachan Woodlands (1 - 2.5km) -  these lovely woodlands are home to plenty of red squirrels
    • Balmaha Millennium Forest path (1 mile) - walk alongside Loch Lomond and explore Balmaha village
    • Inchailloch walking paths (30-40 minutes) - there are three simple routes to explore this wildlife-haven island
    • Cashel Forest Memorial Way (1km) - perfect for all abilities, in a beautiful conservation area
    • Luss Lochside Path (20 minutes) - enjoy the pretty village of Luss and views of Loch Lomond
    • Ardyne forest (1.5 miles) - a lovely forest stroll with a clearly marked trail 
  • What are the best dog walks in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park?

    • Drimsynie Circular Walk (4km) - this easy walk is great for families and dogs! With viewpoints signposted along the way
    • The Dukes Pass (5km) - popular walk by Loch Goil, taking in rugged scenery
    • Ardyne forest (1.5 miles) - a lovely forest walk with a clearly marked trail
    • Doon hill and Faerie Knowe (4 miles) - passes through woodland, countryside and riverside
    • Balmaha Millennium Forest path (1 mile) - walk alongside Loch Lomond and explore Balmaha village
    • Beinn Dubh & the Glen Striddle horseshoe (7.25 miles) - A slightly longer route which will give your dog’s legs a stretch
  • What are the best hill walks in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park?

    • Ben Vorlich via Loch Sloy (8.5 miles) - this rugged mountain has steep ascents but the views make it worth it
    • Ben Lomond (7.5 miles) - a stunning munro and the 2nd most popular walk in Scotland after Ben Nevis
    • Ben A’An (2.5 miles) - this ‘mountain in miniature’ can be a little steep at times, but you’re rewarded with lovely vistas
    • Conic Hill (7.5 miles) - a popular, easy-going walk without any dramatic inclines
    • Cashel Forest Queen’s View (4 miles) - a steep climb but worth it for the amazing views
    • Beinn Mhòr (7.5 miles) - a peaceful walk through the countryside before a sharp ascent for views over Loch Eck

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