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Being Kind to Bees

Summer is well and truly here and hopefully you will be enjoying visiting your holiday home or visiting Argyll holidays parks for a well-deserved holiday.

You will notice areas of grass that have been left longer than they were before. This is intentional, as we, the Argyll Holidays Group, have taken the bee pledge in order to do our bit to help the UK wide decline in bees and friendly pollinating insects.

Saving the bees will not be easy however; we can all do our bit to help make areas friendlier for bees.

17 Aug 2020

  • Wildlife

The first thing we have looked at is extending the habitat for the bees on all our parks and introducing wild flowers – you will start to see them pop up as the season progresses. Loss of habitat is one of the main threats to bees today, so we are helping to create a habitat corridor with nectar-rich plants such as wildflowers.

You can be assured, not all of the parks will be turned into bee habitat or left wild, as there are lots of well-manicured areas remaining throughout the parks that will allow you to walk the dogs, play with the children or have a picnic. Please also make use of the many path networks throughout the parks as well as the woodland paths; there are lots of interesting things to see on your travels.

You too can help the bees by dispersing wild flower seeds within our wilder zones and indeed in a wee corner of your own garden.

At the moment wild flower seeds can be purchased from local garden centres and online here.

Kids love dispersing the bee bombs (As do adults). I do hope you enjoy watching the wild flowers and bees increase on your visits.

Any questions regarding bees, please feel free to contact me here.

Here’s to a buzzing rest of the year!


Environmental Coordinator
Argyll Holidays

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