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Fun Outdoor Games

Family holidays can become costly if you're constantly shelling out for activities and attractions. A great way to cut the cost (and tire the kids out so they get to sleep) is to play outdoor games in the campsite or holiday park grounds. We've chosen seven of our favourite outdoor games that we think are perfect to play on family holidays! Try them out for yourself!


Spikeball is an intense game that is played in teams of two. It's similar to both four square and volleyball. A taut net around the size of a hula hoop is placed at ankle level between a pair of two player teams. The players then smack the palm-sized ball down on the net so that it ricochets up at their opponents. They have up to three hits between them to control the ball and bounce it back off the net. Games are usually played to twenty-one points. Points are scored by a number of circumstances including:

  • when the ball doesn't hit the net in three hits during the procession
  • when the ball hits the ground
  • when the ball hits the rim of the net
  • when the ball doesn't bounce off the net on a single bounce
  • when there is an illegal serve or other infraction.

There are no boundaries so once a point starts players can move or hit the ball anywhere. To play Spikeball you will need a lot of space, a trampoline-like Spikeball net and a small ball with a twelve-inch circumference. You can purchase a Spikeball set online or from some toy stores.



Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game. It's a fun combination of chance and skill that's quick to learn and exciting to play.

Players take turns to use a wooden skittle, called a Mölkky to try and knock over numbered wooden pins. The aim of the game is to score exactly fifty points. However, if you rack up more than fifty points your score will be knocked back down to twenty-five! If a player misses and doesn't score at all three times in a row they are out of the game. Mölkky is a great game for a family holiday as it can be easily played by any age or fitness level. It can be played one on one or in teams!

All you need to play is a patch of grass and a set of mölkky pins which you can buy online.


Simon Says

Do you remember playing Simon Says in school? This is a great game for an outdoor family holiday as it doesn't require any equipment, just plenty of concentration from all players!

One person is designated Simon. Simon stands in front of the group and gives out commands. However, players must only obey commands that begin with the words 'Simon Says.' For example, if Simon says 'Simon says jump in the air' all the players must jump in the air. But, if Simon simply says 'jump in the air' players shouldn't jump in the air! The players who do jump in the air are out of the game. The player who manages to follow the instructions and stay in the longest is the winner.

We love this family game as it helps little ones learn how to follow instructions and kids love the opportunity it gives them to tell adults what to do!


The Doughnut Game


The doughnut game is a sweet treat for the whole family if you don't mind getting messy!

All you need to play is some ring doughnuts, a long piece of string and two places to tie it from such as two trees. If you don't have anywhere to tie it, two helpful adults can hold either end. The doughnuts need to be slid onto the string and the string should then be suspended at an appropriate height for each player. Players must then eat a doughnut off the string while keeping their arms firmly behind their back. Normally two players will race to finish their doughnut first, the fastest wins!


Boules is a great choice for a family holiday because it offers so much variety!

Boules (or petanque) is actually the collective name for a wide range of games in which the objective is to throw or roll heavy balls as close to a small target ball as possible. It's normally played between two teams of one, two or three players but obviously you can change this according to the size of your party! Once you've divided into teams both teams should choose their boules. Each team's boules should have groove patterns that distinguish them from the opposing team's boules. This makes them easy to identify when counting up points. You then need to toss a coin to decide which team throws first. The team that wins the coin toss decides on the starting location and selects one of their players to throw out the jack, this is the small ball you'll be throwing the boules at. The starting location should be a circle that is roughly fourteen to twenty inches in diameter, we normally just scratch it in the dirt with our foot. Players must stand in this circle when they throw out the jack. The player who threw the jack then throws their first boule. A player from the opposite team plays next and tries to throw their boule closer to the jack. From then, until all boule have been thrown, it is a player from the team not closest to the jack who throws.

When all boules been thrown the points are counted. The team that has the boule closest to the jack wins the round, they also receive a point for each boule that is closer to the jack than their opponents closest boule. Only one team scores points during each round. The first team to earn thirteen points wins the game but there isn't a required number of rounds.

To play boules you'll need a boules set and a reasonably flat or firm surface, it's fine if there are a few bumps as this will add more challenge to the game.




Quoits is another more traditional game. It's great for all ages as it's very simple to play. It involves throwing metal, rope or rubber rings to land with the aim being for them to land over the pins that have been placed further away.

You'll need a quoits set which includes a wooden board with pins attached and rings to throw over the pins. There are lots of different interpretations and sets of rules for quoits depending on the region where the game is being played. We find the simplest way to play is by dividing your party into two teams and deciding which team takes the first throw by flipping a coin. You then need to decide where your starting point and scoring or landing point is going to be. Remember to take into account the age and ability of all players! The winner of the game can either be decided by the total number of points scored after an equal number of throws with the highest score being the winner or the winner being the first team to reach a certain score. We prefer the former method as it means every player gets the opportunity to throw!




Rounders is the perfect game to drum up some competitive spirit in your family! It's also brilliantly suited to teams of mixed ages, sizes, abilities and levels of fitness.

All you need to play is a bat, four posts (these can be makeshift if necessary) and a ball! Split into two teams, one team bats and the other fields. The bowler must bowl underarm to the batter! Batters have to run to the first post whether they hit the ball or not. Once everyone has had a go at batting the teams swap so the fielders are now batting. The teams normally get two innings each. You're out if you hit the ball and the fielder catches it before it hits the ground or if they manage to stump the post before the batter runs there. Only one member of the batting team can be at the post at the same time. It might be best to nominate an impartial judge or two to keep score and prevent foul play! If the batter manages to hit the ball and run round all four posts in one go they score a rounder. If they hit the ball and manage to reach the second or third post they score a half rounder.

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