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6 Scottish Christmas Recipes to Try at Home

Christmas is easily one of the most delicious times of the year. From the full Christmas dinner and pudding, to the abundance of chocolate and sweets, everyone has their favourites. 

26 Nov 2019

    • These recipes are must-tries this Christmas!
    • Classic and mordern Scottish recipes to give you a taste of our home
    • Some tasty additions to your Christmas dinner

    We can all agree that the tastiest treats are homemade, and they’re often healthier too, as you’re in control of what’s going into your food. So keep reading to find some great recipes for you and the family to try and bring some festive fun to your kitchen.

    Some Scottish Additions to a Christmas Dinner  

    This isn’t just any food either, we’ve handpicked 6 easy-to-make recipes from our home, Scotland. They each accompany a traditional roast so if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can add them to your Christmas day menu!

    Have a go at making these for a Scottish twist to your Christmas this year and let us know how you get on.


    haggis bon bonsCock a leekie soupClootie dumplingTipsy lairdShortbreadHot toddy

    Recipes for (L-R): 

    Haggis Bon Bons -  a twist on the classic as an appetiser/side dish 

    Cock-a-leekie Soup - a belly-warming starter

    Clootie Dumplings - the traditional dessert

    Scotch Trifle / Tipsy Laird - a lighter pudding choice

    Shortbread - great with your afternoon coffee

    Hot Toddy - to finish the evening

    To Start...

    Haggis bon bons on a plate

    Haggis Bon Bons are a true Scottish delicacy. These breaded bites of Haggis are the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas dinner.

    This recipe only takes 10 minutes, if you have some haggis on hand in the kitchen. If you don't want to use shop-bought haggis you can try making some from scratch for a properly authentic Scottish Christmas treat. 

    A bowl of cock-a-leekie soup
     Photograph: Felicity Cloake/The Guardian

    Cock-a-leekie Soup was thought to have originated in the 16th Century and there’s a reason this soup has been a classic for so long. It’s based on chicken, vegetables and prunes, the latter of which add a twist on a traditional broth.

    Unsurprisingly, more than a few recipes for the same broth have sprung up over the years. So our recommendation is this recipe, which is made up of the best bits of many others.

    For Dessert...

    A just baked clootie dumpling
    Photograph: Picture Britain

    These tasty Clootie Dumplings are traditionally steamed wrapped up in a cloth or rag! To make it a bit easier though, this recipe gives an alternative cooking method.

    If you want to stick to tradition though, add sealed coins to the occasional dumpling, as an extra treat. Just be careful where you chomp!

    A traditional Scottish tipsy laird trifle
    Photograph: The Spruce

    Traditionally, a Scotch Trifle or Tipsy Laird (our favourite name!) would be served on Burns Night or Hogmanay but this recipe is delicious enough to warrant being eaten all year. Plus, we can all agree, adding a good shot of whisky to desserts makes them instantly more tasty. 

    Extra Treats...

    Some shortbread and a drink
    Photograph: BBC Good Food

    Shortbread was traditionally served as a Christmas, Hogmanay or celebratory treat although these days it’s popular all year round. This recipe is super simple and very hands-on, so perfect for little ones to get involved with.

    Two hot toddy glasses clinking
    Photograph: Cookie and Kate

    A Hot Toddy is the perfect accompaniment to a cold winter evening. The best hot toddies are made with high quality Scotch whisky, honey, lemon and hot water. Follow the recipe for this delicious Christmas drink which takes only minutes to prepare.

    Don’t Fancy Cooking?

    December is a month of indulgence and there is no better place than at a Christmas Market, where you can try a range of delicacies from around the world, both traditional and gourmet. 

    Our favourite? It’s got to be the Glasgow Christmas Markets. They’re home to over 50 seasonal chalets selling all sorts of Christmas goodies including some extra delicious street food.

    Glasgow Christmas market

    Want a taste for yourself?

    If you’ve been inspired to try our Scottish recipes, we would love to see your pictures (of the finished result or the fun beforehand!). 

    Or you could come to Scotland to try the real thing. Visit Argyll Holidays Parks to get a taste of the authentic Scotland at Christmas and Hogmanay. Create new traditions with your family in this breathtaking region. 

    Whether you want to try the above recipes or the many more on offer, the hearty cuisine is just the start of the festive atmosphere in Scotland. Continue through our fun Festive hub to discover more about Christmas and Argyll Holidays.

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