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10 Things About Autumn in Argyll That Will Leaf You Smiling

We love autumn in Argyll! The changing landscape, the crisp weather, the delicious food... We've listed the top ten reasons why you'll enjoy an autumnal getaway in Argyll this year.

17 Oct 2018

    Reasons why we love autumn in Argyll:

    1. The leaves are changing colour!

    autumn leaves in argyll

    Autumn walks are our favourite.

    Here in Argyll, we’re proud to boast some of the best walking trails in Scotland. Perfect for walking hand in hand with loved ones, kicking and crunching through those fallen leaves on a crisp autumn morning.

    There are lots of stunning walking trails around all of our holiday parks to explore 'till your heart is content. Maybe you’re taking your dog for an adventure or on your way for a nice, home-cooked breakfast…

    2. Hot Drinks

    couple with coffee cups

    The weather is changing, the nights are drawing in and there is nothing better than sitting yourself down on the couch with a piping hot drink. Or better yet – head to one of our holiday parks where you can grab a delicious Costa Coffee hot drink. We’ve got it all – luxurious hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows, to sweet syrupy cups of coffee that are ideal for warming you up and keeping you going throughout the day.

    3. Food, glorious food! 

    sunday dinner at the view

    These autumn months are the best time to get cooking.

    Root vegetables are back in season and you know what that means – soups, pies and lovely stews. Sunday dinner is never as good as it is during Autumn. Good food and good company during these months are essential for catch-ups with friends and family you aren’t seeing as often as you’d like to during the working week.

    We Host The Roast every Sunday at our stunning restaurant The View.

    4. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

    pumpkin patch

    Gourdness gracious we’ve gone mad for pumpkins – whether they be in pumpkin spiced lattes, or carved and lit or baked in a pie.

    This American tradition has finally splashed over the pond – but did you know that carving vegetables has been in fashion here for centuries? We prefer pumpkin carving to the traditional turnip carving favoured in Irelands and The Highlands though!

    5. Halloween


    Without a doubt the spookiest time of year – however you spend it, we’ve got something for you to do!

    Whether you love donning your scariest ensemble and partying the house down, or if you prefer a cosy night in with a takeaway and a scary movie, come and celebrate at Argyll Holidays.

    Across all our holiday parks, our accommodation is fully kitted out with TV and DVD players for you to watch your favourite scary movies to your heart's content.

    6. Cosy jumpers...

    cosy jumpers Argyll Holidays

    The change in weather is the perfect excuse for updating your wardrobe – gone are the shorts and shades and in come the thick knits.

    Jumpers, cardigans, woolly socks and onesies are just the thing for snuggling up on a cold autumn night. Layer up and get cosy inside a lodge at our holiday parks, perfect for a November getaway with the family.

    7. Bonfire Night

    sparkler at Argyll Holidays

    Remember, remember the 5th of November.

    Magic is truly in the air at this time of year. Wrap up in a hat and scarf and head outside to see the fireworks exploding through the night’s sky or else wave your sparklers and get warm next to a bonfire. 

    8. Toffee Apples

    toffee apples argyll holidays

    We go daft for apples around this time of year. Any kind suits us, we like them covered in toffee, caramel, chocolate or even crisp and freshly picked from the tree. Autumnal fruits are perfect for baking pies, crumbles and fruit cakes!

    9. Autumn Weddings

    autumn wedding at Argyll holidays

    Gone are the days when you could only get married in summer – we hold weddings all year round. They say that autumn is the perfect time to fall in love, so why not get married then too? Delaying your wedding to the autumn 2021 is perfect for utilising a non-traditional colour palette such as purples, oranges and browns.

    Having an autumn opens you up to lots of different opportunities and what better place to have it than our gorgeous Drimsynie Estate Hotel – overlooking the gorgeous Loch Goil. The scenery up here during autumn could be taken straight from an oil painting – so what better place to have a wedding photoshoot? Check out our blog on Autumn Weddings at Drimsynie for more info! 

    10. 'Tis Almost The Season

    christmas is coming Argyll Holidays

    And as autumn draws to an end we welcome the next season, the most wonderful time of year. Autumn is perfect for getting organised and spending time with friends and family before the busy festive season. Get your Christmas shopping done in autumn for a stress-free Christmas holiday at Argyll Holidays.

    How Will You Spend Your Autumn in Argyll?

    Has our list inspired you to want to visit Argyll this autumn?

    Holidays in autumn have a completely different feel to them than traditional summer holidays. It truly is one of the most beautiful, cosy and relaxing times of the year to visit, definitely something to experience at least once.

    We have five gorgeous holiday parks which are the perfect bases to explore Argyll. Whether you fancy spending your autumn exploring the Scottish countryside, or getting cosy on a holiday park with all the amenities you need on site.

    Check them out here:

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